Who are we?

Granite R US is a distributor of granite, marble, onyx and quartz slabs.  Granite R US sets itself apart from its competitors through the quality of the products and point-to-point delivery.  It offers  a wide selection of natural stones, carrying over sixty different colors.  From classic to exotic, Granite R US strives to constantlly update all materials and assure their availibility throughout the year.

From our very beginnings, we have taken it to heart of not only constantly find new materials to cater our customers' needs, but we have also made every offort to maintain a respected business relationship. A pledge that has been the key to our success.  we have created a network of qualified suppliers in Brazil, Italy, Norway, South Africa and India, therefore importing in prime quality natural stones as well as having on a regular basis new materials to offer to our ever growing clientele.

The company is in constant evolution so we can better fulfil the needs of our customers.

Come and see for yourselves what sets up apart from our competitors!